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Impaired Driving Simulator

IMG_1862A Drunk Driving Simulator allows a student to drive in a simulated drunk mode.  It demonstrates the dangerous effects of DUI/DWI driving, such as delayed response to controls and narrowing of the effective field of view – “tunnel vision”.

Since we are using an actual car, this high-fidelity tool really brings the “do not drink and drive” message home.

Our in-vehicle Driving Simulator will facilitate the usage of actual mobile devices to demonstrate the dangers of driving.

Demonstrations can be done in short sessions with many spectators observing while each student is driving.

The Drive Square Simulation System™ is a driving simulator that enables a trainee to drive in a virtual space, while operating the controls of an actual vehicle.

A 360° panoramic view of the road and surrounding area is presented to the trainee via virtual reality goggles, the Head-Mounted Display (HMD). The scenery is computer-generated by a virtual reality simulation software running on the simulator’s portable computer. The software receives data from the wheels and pedals of the vehicle to provide an extremely interactive experience recreating various driving situations.

The driving simulator sets up in under 20 minutes at any parking space, providing a portable, cost-effective and easy-to-use driver training solution.

Contact us today for information on booking this impaired driving simulator at mike@srhfindlay.com.

 Fees for driving simulator:

FREE to all schools and non-profits for all of Hancock County and adjoining counties.

A SUGGESTED DONATION of $250 for four hours and $500 for 8 hours will be asked of ALL Hancock County businesses and corporations.

A FEE of $ 250 for four hours and $500 for 8 hours PLUS a fuel surcharge fee will be required of ALL businesses and corporations OUTSIDE of Hancock County.



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