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In 2003, Mike Cortez a local Law Enforcement officer in Hancock County, Ohio had a mission in mind and that was to prevent people from injuring themselves or others while driving impaired. Mike knew that enforcement methods against impaired drivers were not the only answer to keeping people safe, so he began the Safe Ride Home – Don’t Hesitate Just Designate A Driver Program.

Mike traveled around to local bars and other establishments training staff on how to determine when someone had reached the state of impairment and when the bartenders and wait staff should stop serving alcoholic beverages to the patrons. A public forum was held to educate the public on the dangers of driving while impaired along with billboards being placed up throughout the community showing a wrecked vehicle involved in an alcohol related motor vehicle crash reminding the public “Don’t Hesitate Just Designate A Driver!”

The program was funded by donations received by members in the community. The first Safe Ride Home Event kicked off on December 31, 2003 where 23 people took advantage of the service and called for a safe ride home. In 2010 nearly 200 people took advantage of the services on New Years Eve and in total more than 2,511 people have been taken home safely and avoided arrest, legal fees and injury or death to themselves and others traveling upon our roads in Hancock County, Ohio.

In the later part of 2010, the Safe Ride Home Program was granted their 501C3 tax exempt status by the IRS. Safe Ride Home has expanded their services to select holidays throughout the year and any community event where alcohol is served to the patrons.


We have currently taken 2,511 people home safely!

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